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ANIMAL ANTICS: Hillary the Hamster

ANIMAL ANTICS: Hillary the Hamster

Hillary the Hamster

This came to me from an experience many years ago when I was working away and staying at my boss’s house… I was put up in a spare bedroom… which unfortunately also was the permanent residence their daughter’s pet Hamster. Most of the time it was tolerable… but at others… usually in the dead of night… the incessant rhythmic squeaking of the wretched wheel almost drove me to ‘petricide!’ On one occasion, wide awake in the predawn, I was talking to my best friend Mr Johnny Walker… and it occurred to me that I should be more understanding of the poor little creature… every turn of the wheel represented the physical distance the poor animal would have walked… but would also record how much time it would have taken… it came in a flash… when the poor creature expired… these would be the same… well , Johnny thought it was profound!

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