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ODDS & SODs: Modern Oldies – Blue Birds

ODDS & SODs: Modern Oldies – Blue Birds

Welcome to the first Blog Post for OutsiderLife.co.uk! This is a Beta Test… so if you find any difficulties… broken links, pages not loading etc… please contact initially at dralanbailey@gmail.com  We would be very grateful!

Our current plan is to update the Blog Sunday evening… with new cartoons ready to make the first commute of the week a little more tolerable.. Links to Facebook et.al should be available in a few days…

To get us going and keeping inline with social media here is a modern oldie of my stab at Twitter… the utterly banality… there should be a social platform called TWATTER… that’s my idea, so don’t even try!!

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  • vadbai says:

    Very good blog. I am impressed!!! Sorry it’s me again!!!

  • vad bai says:

    A twatter! Briliant word.

  • Image got you thinking?